Product Range

Forklift Sales and Services


Megaquip has the agency to provide new Heli products manufactured in China. It also provides short term rentals and sales of used products of a variety of other brands.


Tow Tractors can provide an economical solution to companies in the movement of products. Instead of several trips with a forklift, a tow tractor with trolly’s can move product quickly and economically. Larger capacity tow tractors are available for the towing of heavier products. Heli provides both diesel and electric ranges of the tow tractor.


Available in the 3 ton to 3.5 ton range capacity. The higher ground clearance when compared to normal forklifts make these the ideal machine for more onerous ground conditions. These machines come standard with the well known, proven Isuzu 4JG2 engine. The units offered are 2 wheel drive. A wide variety of masts are available.


Heli Produces 3 main side loaders – 3 Ton, 5 Ton and 6 Ton. These machines are proving extremely popular in applications where space constraints make it difficult to utilise conventional forklifts. A range of alternate engines are available.


Including Manual Pallet Jacks, Walk Behind Pallet Jack, Ride On Pallet Jacks, Counter Balance Ride On, Walk Behind Reach Stackers, Walk Behind (Open Straddle), Pallet Stackers, which are available in a variety of different weights and sizes. 


For ease of operation and stacking in a warehouse Heli provides the solution with a range of AC electric reach trucks. Two main models are available. These models provide solutions to suit different budgets, lifting heights, capacity issues and aisle widths.


The Heli range of electric forklifts include the 1.5 Ton to 2 Ton to 3 wheels and the 1 Ton to 7 Ton 4 wheel machines.Fully AC operating machines with the well-known Curtis controller (1-3.5 Ton) and Zappi (4 – 10 Ton) as standard. Batteries and charges are supplied by local South African companies ensuring comprehensive warranties and back up support for this crucial aspect of electric machines.


Machines are available from 1 Ton up to 7 Ton.
A wide variety of masts are available. Solid Tyres, suspension seat and sideshift are standard. All machines come with a 24 month / 2000 hour warranty.


Our comprehensive range of diesel forklifts are available from 1 Ton up to 46 Ton capacity. Different engines are available to suit different applications and budgets. All machines come with a 24 month / 2000 hour warranty. A wide variety of masts are available.